11:55:12 AM

The Rules:

1. RTFM! (Read the F*#@ing Manual)
The FAQ and rules are here to keep people from asking the same question over and over again. If you ask a valid question, and the answer isn't in the FAQ, quite likely one of us admins will add that to the FAQ. We reserve the right to slap anyone who asks a question that IS answered here, with a very large trout.

2. Check politics and religion at the door.
Until Archie or Sega defines an official religion or political caste for the beings of planet Mobius, all converstations related to religion, politics, or the like, will be deleted. Fan Content that contains such things ARE allowed, as it is not official artwork. This includes wishing others a happy {insert religious or secular holiday of your choice}. Such things do not exist here.

I have a finite amount of bandwidth, the more users there are, the slower it will go. You can either start killing each other off, or grin and bear it.

4. One account per person please!
At the moment we have some jillion accounts registered, and i notice some are obviously mass-made. Please dont do that!

5. On Art, that fickle muse:
Recolors: Many take this term to mean anything that looks like, say, Tails.. but is a different color. I disagree with that definition, as long as the work is DRAWN. If you take a screenshot of say, Sonic X. and color tails in it differently, say 'OMG LOOK MY CHARACTER IS THIS'.. I might just ban you. At the least I'll delete the picture. If you took the time to draw, from scratch, a picture of a green tails? I'm fine with that. Sprites, sure. I guess you've gotten my point by now.

11:59:06 AM

Question: Who is the staff of this site, and how can i reach them?

Answer: At present, only two persons are authorized to work as 'staff.' They are Rassah and Miles Prower. The best method, is to PM them. Failing that, you can check their profiles on the site for contact information.

12:09:55 PM

Question: What is a CBR file? How do I read a comic?

Answer: A CBR file is a 'Comic Book Rar'. It is a rar file with some additional rules to standardize it as a comic book.

These rules are:

1. Include a 'tag.txt' file containing text about the comic, when it was printed, how many pages, etc.

2. Include all comic pages as images, sequentially numbered. (001.jpg, 002.jpg, etc). This allows the comic reader to play them in sequence.

3. Compress with WinRar. Other compressors often make incompatible rars.

Programs for viewing CBR Files:

1. CDisplay: Windows. The original program for viewing CBR files. It's creators website died with Geocities. It is now deprecated due to limitations in reading newer RAR formats and image formats.

2. Comical: Windows, Mac, Linux. Fully supports current RAR files and multiple image formats.

3. Comix: Linux. Fully supports current RAR files and multiple image formats.

4. CBDS: Nintendo DS. I do not own a Nintendo DS and cannot test it's format support.

5. WinRAR/RAR: Most OS'. As a CBR file is just a specially laid out RAR file, you can rename it to .rar and extract the individual graphics as you please, using your OS' extraction app with the UNRAR library for your OS.

12:11:49 PM

Question: Why are there no comic pages in Fleetway 185-223?

Answer: After Egmont bought Fleetway out, they decided to milk Sonic The Comic by doing a series of reprints. 185-223 are reprints, so the scanners provided the cover/back only. There was no reason to re-scan things contained in other comics.

12:15:53 PM

Question: What are the standards for TKA.Net's scans?

Answer: TKA.Net's scanning procedure:

1. Scan at the highest resolution/color depth your scanner will support.

2. If possible, place black construction paper behind the page you scan, to block out after-images.

3. Use a program like Irfanview, which have good crop/rotate support, and get a nice clean, rotated image. (clean as in no border).

4. Create two sets of images from your cleaned ones, one set (Full) at 1024px high, of all pages, the other (Lite) at 768px high, of just cover & story pages.

5. Create tag.txt files for each.

6. RAR the folders at maximum compression using WinRar, rename the rars to .CBR.


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